Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Terrain for sale!

I'm running out of room to store all my terrain! So I have pulled a few peaces of terrain aside to sell as a lot!
So buy my terrain! You know you want to! Nothing beats a table full of nicely made terrain! Insert something that sounds like a sales guy here!

Heres the auction!

All jokes aside I have a few peaces of terrain I'd like to sell as one Lot. You can grab it up right here right now! or wait to bid for it on Ebay!
These 11 peaces should lightly cover a 4' by 6' table. A very nice collection recommended for the gamer who plays at home. all of these peaces are in matching colors and theme. A small jungle awaits you.

If you buy this and find that it's just not enough for you table, Maybe you have a 4' by 8' table?, Then just email me ! I have more terrain and we can make a deal!

Please enjoy the pictures !

And thanks for looking!

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