Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Death Korps of Krieg For Sale!

This auction is now live!

Be the next ruthless commander of the Death Korps of Krieg! ( DKoK)
Send all your men to the front lines and win that game!
Put them in coach! They can do it!
This is an excellent opportunity to add more men to your DKoK collection or Start one!
Watch opposing players weep and cry at the though of your artillery bombardments! See the look of terror on their faces as they sit there helpless as their little plastic models are removed from the board in mass! Callously seen your men after pointless objective! Laugh heartlessly as they are cut down in the name of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind! And drink from the cup of glorious imperial victory!

Yes this can be you!

This army includes.
Company Command Squad ( total 5 models)
1 Company Commander
1 Banner
3 Lasguns
Quartermaster and bodyguard ( total 5 models
1 Quartermaster
4 thralls
4 Commissar (total 4 models)
1 Commissar model on Horseback
3 Commissar on foot
6 infantry squads (total 60 models)
6 Sgt's
4 Flamers
2 Grenade launchers
48 Lasguns
Platoon Command ( total 5 models )
1 junior Officer
1 Plasm Gun
1 Meltagun
1 Vox
4 Engineer squads
Which has
4 Sgt's
36 Engineers
all have shot guns
Grenadiers (total of 26 models)
2 heavy Flamers
2 Flamers
2 Grenade launchers
2 Meltaguns
2 Heavy Stubbers
2 Sgt's
13 hotshot Lasguns
1 with out gun
Death Riders of Krieg  (total of 15 models)
1 thud gun
2 heavy mortars
5 Crews not assembled
3 crews partially assembled some arms missing
2 GW Griffon Mortar tanks ( used and will need some work)
 Forge World Vehicles
1 Griffon Mortar
6 Colossus/Bombard tanks
1 Armageddon Pattern Basilisk/Medusa ( Both cannons )
1 Thunderer Siege Tank
1 Destroyer Tank Hunter

Extra bits and accessories

Army/Collection Sold as is. ( USED)
Shipping costs included into price
It is possible that some items may become damaged due to shipping.
You understand and accept that by bidding and potentially winning this auction.
I will pack all of this to the best of my ability. Packing paper,bubble wrap ect.
I want whom ever wins this to enjoy it as much as they are able.


This note arrived over night.

Dude... That was the greatest description for something on eBay ever. If I had the money right now I'd be all over this slaying the enemies of the imperium middle fingers raised all damn day. Unfortunately I'm a broke PFC right now and don't even have time for 40k. Even very little when I'm on leave. But hey, best of luck to you man selling your Emperors finest.


How cool is that!
Maybe I'm doing something right after all.

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