Saturday, 13 September 2014

Space wolves update day one on a 6 week (voyage over blood ocean.)

I find myself taking a 6 week brake from my Green Hoard to paint more of my Space Wolves collection.

I listed my Wolves on ebay for sale last week. They did not sell.
I am sure that there are a a few reasons for that.
I have taken it as a sign to continue working on my collected Space Wolves Company.

I have a short list of models to finish.
Today I am working on Ragnar Blackmane.

Regarding the Ebay listing
I think that my price was reasonable though I may have set up the description poorly.
I think that my pictures could have been better, Good pictures sell models.
I think that my collection doesn't fall in line with easy competitive play. That is I don't have and have no desire to have those units well known for competitive lists, nor was I selling a painted competitive tournament army.
My one and only reason for having tried to sell this collection. Money.
I do have the new codex and have flipped through it a few times now. I do like what I am seeing in there.
I am now glad that my collection didn't sell. I would have lost a lot of money on that sale, between the cost of the models and the time and energy put into painting them.
I will grant you that they are not "Golden Daemon" standard. But so what.
That doesn't invalidate a very reasonable asking price discounted to less then the models would cost to buy new.

Now I think my rant is done.

I am looking at wanting to paint the rest of these models as a good thing and I hope it keeps me interested in them and wanting to see them on the table top.

Thanks for looking!
More mayhem to come!

Day 2 update.
Today I reassembled 2 wolf guard terminators, started to work on the crews for 3 Land speeders, just a small amount of painting and they already are looking better. Lastly I painted the eyes of 4 terminators.
A comment was made about Ragnar's flesh tones and that he is too light. So I took a group picture.
I'm not sure if I want to continue working on his face. It looks about right given how light skinned these wolves are.

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