Monday, 15 September 2014

Steel Legion Imperial Guard Army Collection For sale.

Here the link to the Auction!

I am continuing to clear out my collected armies.
This collection consists of

209 Guardsmen with Lasguns total
8 unpainted as new
6 broken Lasguns
19 with Grenade launchers total
33 with Plasma guns total
28 Missile launcher Teams total
5 Needing assembly and bases
12 Heavy Bolter Teams total
4 needing assembly/need bases
9 Lascannon Teams total
1 needing assembly
3 Auttocannon Teams total
20 Sgt's total
3 missing 1 arm
1 Missing both arms
7 Officers total
1 Senior officer
6 Junior Officers
vox caster trooper 2
Both converted
2 Army/Company/Platoon  Standard total
1 unopened box of squad Steel Legion ( not counted as part of the collected totals listed above)
1 Heavy Bolter in still blister  listed with the 12 above)

I have had this army for several years and no longer have the time or energy for it.
Now's your chance to grab up an army all at one time!
Needs paint and some reassembly. Can be easily stripped of paint!
I will ship within 3 days of payment confirmed
I will provide tracking information to buyer.
Some models may need reassembly due to shipping/handling.
Shipping costs included in asking price.

Thank you for looking.

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