Sunday, 12 December 2010

The holidays are here again!

So it's that time of year again! Time for me to get some major time off! 15 days!
Oh and I do have plans for mt free time, yes good plans!
The Guild has asked for more terrain and tables! so I am hoping that this weekend will see the start of the first of 2 table the plan is a snow covered landscape with rolling hills and strange colored crystals ... what we are going to see may be more frighting and deformed than anyone expects.
I also have a lot of refinery looking terrain that are in need of a home and that may be table 2

On the home front an old army arrived back this week. the famed Dark Angels are home and looking for paint?!1 time will tell.
The Wolves do not sleep through all this I am moving on to shoulder pads, slowly, and will be working on the studded shoulder pad metallics... I still need a company Icon and am looking for a nice decal? or a cool theme involving a wolfs head...
Here are some pic's of the "new guys"

Thursday, 2 December 2010

B&C part 2

Here are the last models for the B&C Space wolves painting challenge!
I enjoyed the challenge a lot it got me painting and paying more attention to details as well as looking at what I had painted already!