Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Savage Orruks! Bonesplittaz.

This years personal project is, was to start playing Age of Sigmar! And not only that but to have my own army painted!
And I've done just that. Truthfully I've still only played one game but it was a load of fun. I really need to make playing this game a regular part of my gaming trips up to Jacksonville(FL.)
The League plays on Sundays and I should have no trouble finding a game.
And So, with out further AhDoDoooo >
Picture time!


Thanks for looking!
Happy New Year!

Friday, 9 December 2016

7000 points Orks vs Raven Guard Legion - Battle in the Age of Darkness.

Maelstrom of War
Mission 6
Warhammer 30K
7000 points
Raven Guard
(Some profanity) 

Table view
Uberwolve- Look at all that stompy goodness!

Raven Guard deployment
Looks like trouble!

Ork deployment
Big Gunz!

Ork deployment
Daydreaming Deff Dread...

Ork deployment

Ork deployment
Dat's a Strong line up! WAAAGH!

Raven Guard Pods start arriving
Looks like a fights bout to kick off!

Orks advance, with biker mob trying to creep around building
A Need for Speed!

Table view
Uber - To me that whole area in front of my artillery looked like a kill zone to be avoided.
WLK-Yea, a battery of plasma cannons certainly has my respect
Uber- I was thinking the same thing about your Artillery, Knight and termies
WLK-Very true. The middle formation you had of armor still scares me
Uber-Makes it all worth while. lol.
WLK- Don't worry, I got plans the counter that. Just got a squirrel some money away and pick up some big shiny toys

Ork reinforcements arrive
Trukks full race onto the table.

Mor Deythan fail to capture objective by a single inch...poor run roll
 just a little further.

Ork reinforcements arrive
got to get Objective 6!

Ork reinforcements arrive
Uber-The War Bikers were bombarded by ..a Bombard...
WLK- Mwahahahahahahaha

 Master of Signals and Quad Mortars sight on the Ork Stompa
So big and yet so sneaky!  But How!

Ork reinforcements arrive
Wazbomber screeches in!

More Raven Guard arrive to check the newly arrived orks
The Raven Guard set up some Massive Road Cones!

More Raven Guard arrive to check the newly arrived orks
Uber-Some kind of plan forming?
WLK-Not really, just had no good place to put them.
Too much plasma in front of them

While the Dark Fury squad arrives further up field
These guys are not to be fooled with! ever.

the Praetor and Command Squad wipe out some Coptas and move upfield
Uber-Maybe da kopta should have landed on the roof..
WLK-Then he may not have been close enough for the Objective?
Uber-good point? but if the floors are only 3" up.. Maybe?
WLK-Oh right. Maybe you flat outed to get there?

a bad charge roll leaves my leviathan in a very bad position
Oi! Time for a rumble!

The Ork Stompa is blown to bits, with remnants of orks pouring out
Uber- And this is what happens when you take too much damage and don't get it fixed!
And knowing is half the battle!

the Orks hold.
We'z Dead Ard' !!!

in a bid to gain a D3 scorecard, my leviathan charges the Ard Boyz, Weirdboy and Big Mek
"Ya ain't nevva gonna get it!"
Nevva Evva!

Ork flyers start to arrive

as does more trukks and a Battlewagon
Alright ladz lets make a dent!
Uber- I should have looked into ramming one of the droppods. that might have been really good!
WLK-I'm kinda surprised you didn't, but if you did the boys cannot shoot out...maybe that stopped you?
Uber-I think I was worried my trukk would explode on contact.
WLK-Fair enough. Maybe the battle wagon next time?
Uber-Yep. Briefly I thought I could have moved 12 to do it but wasn't sure of the distance and not up on the ramming rules. Need to look those over. would have been fantastic to attempt that the turn it arrived!

and another flyer
Dakka Dakka Dakka!

What my soon to be intercepting Deredeo Dreadnought sees...but not well enough, as Ork jinking keeps the savages in the air
Savage Sky!

The Orks charge proves more successful than mine
The blue face was also planning to give it a try but didn't make it.

A Ork Dreddnaught joins the tarpit around my Contemptor
Uber-This is another example of what I was saying about misusing my units. I had a fresh 20 boys behind that could have been thrown in there. that dread could have been saved for a little later. Oh well. had to give it a go.

While another 30 boyz plunge into combat with my Leviathan
 is it a Dog pile of a God pile...

The Levithan ignores his new friends and sends the Ard Boyz and characters to flight
Ha! ya ain't gettin us!

The Contemptor ignores the litte Orks and tears the Dreddnaught to shreds
The beatings continue.

The Levithan thinks this is the moment to emulate his friends
Time ta show you whoz da best!

but fails badly...
Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Looming over the shredded Leviathan, my Knight steps forward to fight
OOOOOOH look a big one! I'm callin dibz!

While my plasma squad lands directly behind the other Gorkanaut. For a cost of 2 plasma gunners, the Gorkanaut is sent to the big waaaagh in the sky
Yarp! Not me butt!...
WLK-That's the second big things these guys nuked from behind

This time I get the charge off
 I'm a punch you in your pink lill' driver.

but the Gorkanaut stands supreme...only for the exploding D hits to destroy it
Uber-I had forgotten how this one died. Ha! Can't win um all.
WLK- I think this is where the size of the game confused us.
                                             The gorkanaut had to have taken some damage from my leviathan
                               He takes 4 hull points of damage from the knight. I think that should have killed him

                                                                                        Oh well
Uber-He killed the first Gorkanout. Then charged across to engage this one. I recall dishing the damage but not the damage taken. We'll just have to try to pay more attention next time. it's all good.
WLK- Then the knight killed a gorkanaut? I completely fucked that one up then

For some reason I got it stuck in my head that the same Gorkanaut killed both the leviathan and the knight.

                                                                                 I'm not a smart man
Uber- It's all good.
I don't remember if the Meks got out. I remember a lot of Meks standing around back there but..who were they? lol

the Contemptor continues to swat Orks, but they wont flee!
ha ha ha. So many Orks so few attacks.

Really, its just the friggin Nob now
Haha fisticuffs!

My Assault Marines mow through an Ork mob and end up infront of the Ork artillery
Hold still while I sight in my Gunz!

While the Leviathan in the far back field continues to play whack-a-mole.
The Leviathan has his own little war to fight.
Red Skull Gang brings da rukkis!

The Ork Bombas arrive and kill all of the Mor Deythan and all but 1 of the Volkite Support Squad

Behind that carnage, Ork Noz with Buzz saws chop through 2 Drop Pods
Roads clear boss!

Corax and my Praetor charge the buzzsaw Nobz while the Dark Fury Squad goes after their ride
Poor Mega Nobs.

Corax and the head nob fight, with the Primarch dispatching is opponent with ease
Hold still so I can chopp ya!

and the Dark Fury squad hits the Ork mob and trukk, help thin the numbers of the mob, then Hit and Run from combat
WLK-Pointlessly sneaky.

They should have stayed locked in combat here to avoid your shooting and help break the dread out of combat faster. By running away they just expose themselves to your shooting and left the dread alone

                                                                                  Bonehead move on my part

the Ork Warlod and mob squad charges the Contemptor, now with a single hull point left, and finally bring it low
This is right after they slay the plasma gunners and a Drop pod.

table view

table view
Uber-This is late in the game I skipped using my Dakka Jets as I was expecting the game to be over...but it wasn't...
WLK- Damn those dice rolls extending the game
Uber-Yes and No. It makes for an extra Epic game.
WLK-Yes I did. I was mostly joking. Those last two turns are kind of painful for me
Uber-Me too all that failing to Kill Corax! two turns of failure!
WLK-You were so freaking close. I kind of think we thought he was dead by that point and was shocked when he actually live through all that shooting
Uber-Yep. It seemed inevitable then my dice were all like..Nope. ha.

the Ork Dread, after wiping out my Assault Marines (i forgot I could Hit and Run), now moves towards my Tactical Squad
That's my Boy! Go give them a beating!

whack-a-mole continues, with the Ork nob killing almost as many Orks as the Levithan to keep them in combat
And the fight goes on.

a Tactical Squad charges 2 individual Ork Coptas, and despite the Sergeants Lightning Claw, cannot hurt the beasts
I know these guys were annoying.

the Tactical Squad flees from the Dredd, only to be destroyed after a bad LD test when it charges them again
 HAHAHAHAAAAA! Da green Godz are pleased!

Ya can't get away !

Corax, and Apothecary and last of the Dark Fury Squad engage an Ork skwad. To spare them the overwatch, the last of the Volkites charges in and is killed by overwatch fire
 A trap!

Savage Air still keepin it Savage!

Corax, now down to 1 wound, is charged by a lone ork Copta.
Corax chops him down with ease
Uber-Had to try! What glory if it had worked! Oh well. ... I'd do it again. lol.
WLK-So would I.
Uber- It was a very good move on your part


Wait, it's Turn 7??
Ha Ha.. - attributed to nelson.

In a act of spite, I grav bombard, Volkite and Phosphex the Ork Warlord and his retinue.
With their Kustom Force Field and Feel No pain, only 2 nobz die
Uber-I have to say the Nobs and bosses did so much better than I had expected.
WLK-With multiple wounds and multiple saves I didn't figure I do much damage, but God I love spite
Uber-It was kinda complicated for me I see Nobs as a fragile unit. they came to the show with a 6+ save 5+ FnP and a 5++ Kff. in a ragity trukk. They did not disappoint.
WLK-I see nobz and I see scary ass unit

and the spite continues, as Corax on his last wound charges the Ork Dredd that killed his Tactical and Assault Marines.
In a flurry of stabbs and curses, Corax destroys the the foul beast
Uber-The fight we'd been waiting for! Looks like I lost the bet that time. Silly Deff dread had done so well up till that point. His luck was bound to run out at some point.
WLK- It was a dumb move on my part. While the dice do heavily favor Corax, if for any reason I felt to blow it up you only had to do a single wound to kill my warlord and score a shit ton of points.

                                                                              The things I do for spite
Uber-Corax had to take some revenge on that particular Dread. He was marked out by doing too well.
WLK-Oh I agree.

                                                               Corax is an angry, vengeance seeking motherfucker

Final notes.
 Mission was Maelstrom 6.
Game went 7 full turns.
I had maybe 1200 points left on the board, and Corax had just 1 wound left.

Steve had maybe 1700-2000 points left. Much of his backfield was still full of Orks, and his Warlord was untouched.

The game score ended 18 to 13, my favor


a few notes of the game:
-killing the Ork Stompa, through a combination of cards, netted me 10VPs. It was pretty sick and without that I would have surely lost.
-I got overconfident in my Leviathans, and the Gorkanaut wiping the floor with him should fix some of that
-I need to learn how to use Knights properly. Im now looking into expanding my Knight collection
-I cannot leave myself to vulnerable to Flyers in the future. The Missile Launcher Squad and Deredeo is not enough, even for the armor10 of the Ork craft

I had a great time, Steve was constantly throwing shit at me and stopping me from forming any coherent plan. If the cards weren't so favorable in the late game, I would have been trounced on board and on score.

 My list was a 3 formations and 3 or 4 cad (I have to look at the army list again) I had 11 troop units, 9 heavy support 9 fast attack 7 elites and 6 HQ's (3 cad) 1 LoW. 
My plan was to move as fast and as far as I was able to get my units out toward fa
r objectives while preventing a crippling rear flank via the Raven Guards Deep strike. I had 8 units able to outflank which would let me go after the furthest objectives. 
Not everything went to plan but when does it ever. haha. 

I was amazed that the 5th hull point on the Gorkanauts was meaningful at all. That alone kept them in the game as long as they were, there may have been one exception to that. I can't exactly recall. 
My stompa lost 8 hull points very quickly and I had 6 repair rolls available through all the Meks and big Mek. I managed to fix 2... At that point I felt I should have packed the Stompa full of meks. But it is what it is and I really enjoyed my list the way it was. 
I had a few units I never really used sitting around in my back field. 
This must be fixed! Mostly I had one mob with a power klaw that could have had a stronger impact by moving off to assault a drop pods or forming a protective line as insurance against some dark Furies on my Left side. It was a lot to keep track of.
The Blitz Bombas were fantastic. Mostly through their kill count I wasn't sure they would be a good choice but they were probably the strongest air unit.
The dakka jets did more or less what I expected. they forced some saves. the Wazbomb Blast jet destroyed a Dread Pod and then died but oh well. at least it did that much. 
The boys sticking around in close combat nearly for ever was very surprising. Their Nob was in some kind of krazy race with the Leviathan to kill more orks. He's such a show off.. 
Lastly. The Deff Dread was really hot this game running down one or two Raven Guard units. Which is an unlikely event. Not ad at all for only 80 points. (lol) 

The Orks very nearly won this game. They needed two things to happen, roll above a 1 on a D3 for one of the cards( Might have been Ascension) And to have killed Corax. Corax would be a tie game the D3 roll would have been a win. 

Good game!

Summary of my army: 
Army 1, RoW Orbital Assault
HQ-Praetor with jump pack and Raven Talons
HQ-Consul Librarian, ml 2
HQ-Consul Herald
EL-1x1 Contemptor with 2 fists, Drop Pod
EL-1x3 Apothecary, jump packs
EL-1x9 Mor Deythan with Drop Pod
TR-1x10 Assault Marines
TR-1x10 Tactical Marine Squad in Drop Pod
TR-1x10 Plasma Support Squad in Drop Pod
TR-1x10 Volkite Support Squad in Drop Pod
FA-1x10 Dark Fury Squad
FA-1x10 Dark Fury Squad
HS-1x9 Missile Support Squad in Drop Pod
HS-1x1 Leviathan in Drop Pod
HS-1x1 Leviathan in Drop Pod
LoW-Corvus Corax
Army 2, RoW Decapitation Strike
HQ-Praetor in Tartaros Armor with Tartaros Command Squad
HQ-Consul Master of Signals
HQ-Damocles Rhino
EL-1x2 Quad Rapier Battery
EL-1x10 Mor Deythan Squad
EL-1x5 Tartaros Terminator Squad
TR-1x10 Tactical Marine Squad
TR-1x10 Tactical Marine Squad
HS-1x1 Deredeo Dreadnought
LoW-Knight Paladin
Both armies come together at 6,999 points

Ork Army Summary
Cad one 
Mek X2
Big Mek KFF
Big Mek KFF and Kill Saw
Mega Nobz with Kill Saws X3
30 Boys (3 big shootas Power Klaw Nob)
20 shoota boys (Power Klaw Nob)
20 shoota boys (Power Klaw Nob)
15 Grot 1 slaver
15 war Bikers (power Klaw Nob)
2 War trakks
2 War trakks
Deff Dread
Deff Dread
4 Kustom Mega Kannons
Cad two
Pain Boy 3 Orderlies 
Warboss - War Lord
Power Klaw, Finkin Kap
Burna Boys 5
Tank Bustas 5
Nobs Mob 1 power klaw, WAAAGH Banner 9 
trukk boys 10 boys in trukk with Nob 5 mobs
Deff Kopta
Deff Kopta
Deff Kopta
Lootas 5
Lootas 5
Mek Guns 2 ( Traktor Kannons
Cad three
Big Mek KFF
Burna boys 5 3 mobs
Ard' Boys 10 in trukk (power Klaw nob)
14 Grot and slaver
War trakks 2
War trakks 2
Wazbom BlastJet
Lootas 5
Mek guns 3 KMK's
Mega Dread

Gorkanaut Krushin Krew
Blitza Bommber Skwadron
Dakkajet Skwadron
7000 points.