Saturday, 16 August 2014

The Tau-tastic post!

Or...Fish heads, Fish heads, roly-poly fish heads!

Two weeks of painting progress entering the third week. All still wip.

 I like the color choices and had plans for an amazing looking army.
I still have high expectations but this project is for a friend and I am cutting him a savage deal.
This may be his last army and the last one I paint for him.
 A nice and well painted army but not the top of the mountain in details. ( still a very nice to look at army and above average paint job as requested) Some times I don't know when enough is enough when I paint.
right now we are at 2 reds 2/3 Grey's and a dark brown and a brass. With plans for a black a dark colored wash or two, weathering and a bright yellow glow. and I plan to finish the bases with 2 colors of flocking. Just enough to look really good.
So at least I know where I want to end this project. It's always nice to have a plan.
Another update full of pictures in a week or two!
Thanks for looking!

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