Thursday, 16 July 2015

Don't you have work to do..( yes another Why are you clicking on me joke..)

Work Work Work as the old saying goes..
This week Started the models in the "Red Case".

I wasn't sure how many models would be in there but it's not as many as I had feared!
Right now the are 12 Gretchen and 12 Weapons boys on the table. with another 7 waiting their turn.
I am full stop on the Ork boys from before, they're as done as they are going to get and I am very pleased with them. likely the best models I have ever painted. ( with a brush!)

Still have some odds and ends to do, touch up some bases and some touch ups on the Deff Koptas as well.

With luck the wet mud effect will turn out really well. Apparently it done with layers of gloss varnish. So it's the very last thing I will do before I pack up the models. They will need to be spray sealed first.

We've come such a far way, in the epic sense. it's like the lord of the rings. every step forward seems two steps back. Will we ever get to Mordor?......
This weekend I will be working on some parts to a TAU army which will be for sale in the not so far off future. (Thankfully only two models need assembly and paint!) It's a really mean army full of angry shooting fishy guys and Evil alien technology.
It was an army I painted for a friend who traded it to me 6 months later seems he ran out of opponents to play.. To competitive, too shooty. too TAU?
I have pictures hiding out some where in the blog.
I will kick it up a notch and take new pictures! I will be very glad to see them go. i need the shop space and they need a home.

There as so many small projects I want to do. I'm going to paint a small Dark Angels force and finish my Space wolves, I hope in time for the "spring raids"! And next year some time get back to work on my orks.
And if that wasn't enough... I am planning to paint some D&D miniatures for my Brother.
They will get their own tag and gallery.

I guess I had a lot to say this week.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Steve,

    The Orks are coming along great man. I can't wait to get them on the table top. I really want to see what you have cooked up for the wet mud look on the Ork bases. I have a few requests we have already talked about before but just wanted to synch up again.

    1. Can you send written list of paint colors you used on the orks and vehicles? Most of the paints I used before are actually oop so I want to know what you used to match my original scheme.

    2. Can you do a end of project video like you did for the Necrons? I really liked that for the Necrons and think it would be cool for the Ork project as well.

    3. Are you ready to discuss a large Tau project? With my in ability to focus on one army at a time I have a ton of Tau I need to get painted up to match my original paint scheme that I sent you a while back.

    4. My phone was washed by my daughter a while back and I no longer have you telephone number. Can you call me or send me an email with you cell phone again. I have to reestablish my contacts again.

    Keep up the great work and may your paint brush never be dry.