Friday, 17 January 2014

First week back in the slave pits! or more Necron painting in progress!

Not too much to say here except...
Is it really Friday?! wow that was fast!
I'm on the fence as far as how much "work" have I gotten done or not but the progress has been constant and very much what I had in mind.

You can see that by the third picture I am up to my third color.
I am sorry to say these may not look exactly like the other, sold in July.
But each vehicle in its group will look like the next one from here on out. 
This sort of thin happens because at the time I never imagined painting these again and didn't take any notes for myself.
Oh well . we do what we can. Which includes as best we can.
I still have miles to go before the end!
                                                            Thank you for looking!

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