Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Proppa Scrap in the making!

Loads to chew over.
"Guardian Con" is coming around again and having missed last year I am really looking forward to attending!

I am a huge opponent of any restrictions assumed to be in place on my gaming and hobby funtime.
This is an exception.
Though these guidelines severely limit my ability to build my army to the level of Crazy I enjoy , I understand how it is effecting all the other players and their lists equally. 
It's all very straight forward. And in a way a bit of a throw back to how we used to do it years ago. So from that prospective I can see this as a challenge that I am willing to accept and as a goal to work towards.

This event is using this custom detachment at 1750 points and as I understand it custom missions as well.

The Balance comes in a way I like. It's uber-forced.
These somewhat severe limitations mean I will need to play as smart as I can. 
I will have to start with building my list completely from the enforced section of the FOC
( in the picture above)  
And then add what I feel is lacking to bulk out my list.

I'll get back to this in a short while with a first draft of my army list to be!

Thanks for looking!

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