Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Vow Phase two! the return!

In part two I am ready to add
 3x Basilisk 125X3 375
                            2X Manticore 160X2 320
                            1X Medusa with an enclosed crew compartment and Bastion breacher shell 135+15+5 155
                            1X Leman Russ battle tank with Heavy bolters and a lasscannon 158+15+20 185
                            1X Leman Russ Executioner with plasma cannons and a lasscannon 190+15+40 245
                                  total 1280 points.
in addition to that.
1 griffon 75 + enclosed crew compartment +15 = 90 points
2 standard issue commissars unit upgrades 35+35=70
1 commissar with power weapon 35+10=45
and 1 DKoK commissar on Horseback, he will count as a lord Commissar with plasma pistol and power sword
 Neither are drawn. 70+10+10=90
a total of  295+1280 = 1575
So their you have it.

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