Friday, 2 May 2014

The 6th turn...

I keep saying how close to the end we are and we are! I am now wrapping up the newest batch of last models. The Crunch is on. Now if the weather would cooperate and not rain. I have more bases textured and drying and nearly all of the important stuff close to done.. And once again I am waiting for paint to dry.
 All but a few models are packed. The last few may need their own box, as will the bases.

Today was a rough one. My compressor has a split on an air line and will need to get a replacement quickly.
With that issue I changed gears and have all the bases painted and waiting for the black washing.
All the mini's have their bases painted this evening and are done. I have just a little more air brushing to do.
Despite this short bit of bad luck I have run that compressor for 3 years now and this is my first issue I have had with it. I am still on track.

I made a lot of progress today! I managed to repair my compressor with a section of air brush hose line. I still have a small leak but it will be sufficient enough to keep my operating. Very happy about the fix working!

Necron royals 


Just a little more to do on these guys.
I expect to ship everything next week.

One last look back!

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