Tuesday, 1 February 2011

land of the wolf.

So it was my good fortune to receive 6 thunder-wolves a week or so ago.
I am sculpting more fur on them now to bulk them out they are a bit small. They are the ones made by the Russian lady, so they are all the same.
I never thought I would use them. their isn't an easy to get model and the Idea seemed odd. marines riding wolves. But I am glad to give them a go.

On the home front My wolves came in the bottom 5 in last weekends rtt. I must say I was very glad to play 5 people I have never played before and though only winning round 3 I still had fun.
My only problem was the first round gitters. Though I did get tabled in nearly all my games I can clame to have killed a grate many foe! all manner of savage beasty and abomination xenos and "marine" alike. let me just say 750 isn't many points to build a strong army with.
I have sold the Dark Angels! and have 2 more commissions in the works! more soon.

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