Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A Logan count as!

And now.. "Logan Grimnar" I painted him up very late early this morning He is very scary.

The cape may not stay I want him to look more amazing.
I love the eyes.. He looks like a crazy man!
More soon!


  1. Awesome man! We haven't played in a while, and need to get one in. My Word Bearers are itching to skin some wolves! Oh and I will be starting up a blog here as well, I'll keep you updated as to when I've got it going!

  2. Hey, my blog is up!! The Wolves will be a worthy adversary to the Igneus Vox!

  3. As always the wolves look forward to a good game.
    And I just saw you blog good start!

  4. Beautifully posed man! Ferocious yet calculating. I take off my hat.

  5. Thank you! I find him disturbing myself !
    At least if you look at his face. He's a mad man!