Sunday, 17 October 2010

And were Back!

Next on the block looks like 2 Dreadnaughts. a shooty one and a Venerable.

A new thought. I am thinking about adding 2 wherlwends to my army. at 80 or 90 points each they could supply a lot of cheep fire power I don't have to balance out a more mobile list.

I am going to spend some time shopping for a new digie cam now that I have some money for one.
And final thoughts I think the time has come for a new paint set. The Vallejo 72 paint set with case and some brushes is also on my mind..

I'm glad the Darkeldar are out again I am refreshed to have something other than marines being released by GW I don't know if I will ever own that army but If I don't it is only because I don't have the room or time for them. They look fantastic! I can't wait to fight them!

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