Saturday, 30 January 2016

No Pictures again.

Wall of text.

Not a whole lot to post about today. my time has been spent on projects around the house and stuff like that. Things have to get done, that's how it goes.

I've manages to built 20 Ard boys with choppas ans sluggas and 18 with shootas...and I'm officially out of armoured plate bitz. Working on painting them all still. I have a small pile of this and that waiting for some paint, mostly mek Gunz and bikers. And a few more Nobs.
We had a lord of the rings marathon this week which was fun.
I am thinking about adding some water effects to the Tau Bases. Then I'll have to finally get some pictures!
A lot of you may have noticed the New Space Wolves Rumors floating around the bowels of the Das Interwebz, I have as well. It's shameful that I still have Space Wolve models that ae incomplete it's only been...6? years... ? Already?

Sean, I've read you email and will reply very soon!


  1. Steve,

    I like the changes you have made to the blog. Now it does look like a cave in the background so it truly is savage cave art.

    Looking forward to seeing your Tau bases with the water effects. Keep plugging away at the orks and they will one day get finished.

    The Space Wolves backlog will never be fixed there will always be more. Kind of like my Tyranids. No matter how much progress I make there is still more. It doesn't help that I keep buying more either.

    May your paint brush never be dry.

    1. Thank you much. Now if I could just figure out how to make the boxes the posts are in clear...
      The good news is the bases are all done except for the water effects, Your Orks gave me the idea.
      I'm working my email reply out still so that it covers all the topics you raised and addresses them more or less how I see things. Nothing Bad or negative at all I just want it to be readable and not all kinds of crazy looking.
      Speaking of Nidz...Need some more?
      I just happen to have a banker box or two full of the little buggers...
      More Mayhem to come!