Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Space Wolves - complete the collection list.

With all the excitement surrounding the wulfen release for the Space Wolves I've been sucked back in. It's feeling like a curse of the wulfen reference... that or another bad joke on my part.
The blood fever has led me to purchase a few wulfen kits as well as a few other models for my Space Wolves collection.
Last evening I set to work on a Chaplin Dreadnought, now a wolf Priest Dreadnought. It's early days but it's looking very nice. Still thinking about some wolf pelts and other adornments. I have a good feeling about where it's headed. His Axe and Shield are on the way and due to arrive some time next week or so.
Wip pictures to come.

Caestus Assault Ram, 1 kit
Dreadnought Droppod, 1 kit
Storm Wolf, 1 kit
Space wolves upgrade kit, 1

Rebuild 1 land raider previously chopped up for parts if possible.
Find my Bag of Fin wolves!!! they've been missing for almost tow years!
Finish painting all models
Find bag of Fin wolves.... Just to remind myself.
Make Wolf Scouts from bitz. If the mood takes me.

Maybe buy a few Imperial Knights. Just to round things out.
Some wip pictures

"Wolf Priest Dreadnought"
His arms, Axe and Shield arrive later this week.

More Mayhem to come.


  1. Steve,

    yes the Space Wolf release has me getting back into my Space Wolves as well. I guess that means your not interested in selling the wolves anymore heh?

    Can't wait to see what you come up with for new additions. Let me know what you think of the new Wulfen. maybe even do some pictures of the sprues and post them. I have been thinking about them but the poses seem so odd. They will have to be heavily converted for me to use them.

    1. Sean,

      That's a tough one. I can't seem to help myself. I just get excited! The Wolves have always been a fantastic army! The wulfen were the only major thing missing from the current codex and their return is HUGE!
      I totally agree about the need to convert them too. My whole army is highly converted, I even cast a lot of my own bases for them! I can try to get pictures of the sprues when they arrive.
      I just have a few more models to finish and the whole things fully painted. At that point I could talk to you about selling them. I take your internist in them as a complement.