Sunday, 14 February 2016

I think it's no secret that I always have my mind running all over the place.  Thinking about this that or the other. Today I started looking into building a void Shield Generator which my Orks will have long ago looted from Imperial hands. I spent a little time this morning looking around Ebay and Amazon for parts.
I'm not overly impressed?, if that's the right way to put it, with GW's VSG which can still be found for around 500.00 teef. on line, mostly sold on Ebay. I'm tempted to look for a super cheap Knockoff but have yet to do that. I have plenty of things around the shop I could use to build one and am planning to do that.
To start with I have a bastion kit still on the sprue. This will be the base of the VSG. Next I started looking for a Doctor who Sonic Screwdriver. There are lots to choose from.
Now I am wondering how far to go. Do I use one, two, three or more? One's for sure. These things cont roughly 25.00, more or less.

Lots to think about. Either way I am looking forward to using on in a more competitive list. I have a Scrumgrod who wants a Scrap after his loss last year. He's going to get one but not the one he wants.
My lot like to win. And there's a rumor going around that his lot ..suck. lol.
(Although I may have just started that ...just now..)

New tactic to try. I've only just reread Vehicles in assault.

Set up a multi assault where my heaviest hitter and hit unit assault both a squad and a vehicle.
Each glance counts as one wound and each penetrating hit counts as two. An assault in this fashion could easily swing combat results to my favor. A year ago I had a Gorkanaught make contact with a squad of blood claws and a Storm Wolf. Had I known the rules correctly I could have done this. This seems to me to be strongest against anything non Space Marine. IG Blobs, and other such enemy units could be very vulnerable to this. Be mindful of Fearless enemy units. This won't work at all on them. After "winning combat"( By which I mean shaking a transport apart) remember to trample the fleeing enemy.

I have started a monster Space Wolves post which will list my collection and have pictures.
It still a work in progress.

Have I mentioned I dream about my Orks?
More proof of their true power.

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  1. Steve,

    Great to see your post and now I am not the only one who can't keep his thoughts straight. The Hivemind controls my every dream and I wake up needing to build or paint another creation.

    I can't wait to see your completed Space Wolfs list with pictures. I know I have seen most of them but I know you have been adding.

    Keep the hobby alive.