Saturday, 27 February 2016

Another Space Wolf hero.

I've had a lot going on these last many days and am finally getting around to miniatures again!

I'm reworking my counts as Logan Grimnar into another yet unnamed Hero of the Space Wolves.
Here's some wip.

I've had the sword in my bitz box for a long time. Left over from a blood letter of Khorne.

Of the 10 Wulfen I have now I have only started the first 5. The other are still in the box.
I was working on a kit review as requested but got too busy with other things to get it finished.
Not sure I will finish it, there are so many good bad and otherwise terrible reviews of the kit on like.
I will say that there are a load of bitz in the box.
I'll also tell you, when painting these guys, don't have the heads glued on. Their big o'll hair gets in the way!
Some planning before you start will go a long way to getting them right.
As far as conversions go. I just don't know yet. I followed the directions for the first kit to see how things would turn out.
I might try some ...creativity of my own for the next kit.

Thanks for reading.
More to come!

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