Friday, 4 March 2016

Another Space Wolves & updates.

I'm sure I mentioned being very busy these last few posts. I'm nearly cough up with the homestead demands and have had a little more free time this week.

So lets jump right in!
My Leviathan arrive early this week? I can't remember.  It's built, primed and has a few coats of color on it now. I actually had to redo the first two colors and the wash. In my excitement I put the color on in the same way I do for infantry models. Vehicles are just a bit different.
I really like this kind of kit. It's very pose-able.  

The first painting.

All 4 pictures above are the second painting. I like it much better.

I've also now assembled the last 5 Wulfen and they have a little pint on them.
I'll be doing a whole post just for them.

It's looking like I'll get to play my first game of 2016 on Sunday.
2500 points. I haven't decided which army I want to play, I'm keen to try my luck with the Wolves.
My opponent has never played against them before. By which I mean He's never experienced me play them before.

Other things of note.
I just did  video review thing for the reprinted WAAAGH Ghazghkull supplement.

It's just under 10.00min.

Too much fun I know.

Thanks for looking, more to come!

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