Tuesday, 15 March 2016

I've started going through my Ork loot that's been sitting in the shop for a little over a year now.
I have discovered 50+ slugga boys and over 100 shoota boys. This is not counting models still in bitz.

With the rerelease of WAAAGH Ghazghkull I think I need to start to reorganize things. 
As it stands I'll paint 40 slugga boys to finish off a mob and have another at full strength. 
The shoota boys are mostly in a box together now 80 with another 10 big shootas as well. 
I'm thinking I need to get a count of how many more than 100 there are and move a portion of those aside to become Slugga boys. I'm very tempted to field loads more large mobs of slugga boys and only maintain ..........lost my train of thought there.
 Lastly,for now, I have parts for lootas and burnas and bitz to make more boys. So I'm planning to build those, really that's only 16 models but I also want more rokkits... never enough and I have just reovered two more of those which just need bodies to stick them on!
it's important that I am able to keep my collection flexible so I can quickly recover should the Orks get yet another "updated book" (codex) 
Madness I tell you.

Late last week I started to paint Ghazghkull and he's nearly done. He'll get a post all to himself.

Another post over the weekend.

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