Friday, 30 January 2015

Some assembly (Orks)

This week was over before it began. Very unproductive. That said I have a done a little bit. (nearly in a rush!)
Nobs, warboss, lootas& Mek, Shoota boys & rocket guy, Killa Kans, Meks with KFF x2 SAG x1
Snikrot and a MANZ... 

Plastic I-Beams on the bases being Krushed

Plan to add more wreckage

And mud and stuff!
AH!, you may have noticed the lack of ranged weapons.. More on that soon!

Rocket guy!

Shoota boys X10

Manz wiff killy saw arm made from a dred leg.

The Lootas are in a few parts assembled for painting.
This will be it till next week when it all starts again! The plan for next week.. This week proved I needed a plan....sad face...
texture bases prime models (base coat too! )
And start building the Stompa! slowly I am moving into the models in Ziplock bags. 
( And all those warbosses!)
Next week will be assembly and primer. As a back up I will also start the Nobs that are waiting for paint. 

Note. To everyone whom I email at all and for any reason. I have a new and functional Email address. So If you get an email from me at the new address...It's really me!
I am still working this issue to try to unlock my "old" email address. which I have had... for ever!
I wasn't able to update my Phone number to receive an unlock code and Had forgotten my password.
I had to flush my cookies due to issues with facebook. Some kind of router problem not allowing for connection to the site.  Previously I have had router/connection issues to and couldn't get into, Those were resolved differently.  
Thanks for reading! 

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