Friday, 16 January 2015

This ones all mine!

Yep, it's my turn again. It's all about me.....
It's been a solid few days of painting. At the time of typing this I am finishing up the teef of the 40 mini's from the last post. ( which aere all cought up now!)

I got in another load of trade, more Orks. looking at all this jumbled piles of loot and it hits me.
What I need to do is divide it all out into bags and boxes. Right now it looks like another never ending pile of work. But if I've learned anything from these commission projects it's that setting goals will get more work done in a shorter amount of time then being unorganized does.
So that's the plan.
I have a tub set aside with some of these future projects.
My good friend drove down to the house today to hang out and paint a little. ( even when I'm not painting I'm still painting... more or less.) I didn't go through all of the trade bate yet. I did assemble two more Kustom Mega Kannons though and started to paint on the primer.Going over it I still have another trukk that needs primer as well. Maybe Sunday.. Maybe not.
We kicked some ideas around I'm set to try a MANZ missile at some point. We're also planning a large game His imperial forces vs WAAAAAGH! GorGak! ( Da bestist WAAAAAGH eva'!)
He wants to play a 4000 point game. Which should be a slobber knocker. we may not play for a month or more but I am very happy that we're starting to plan it ahead of time.We talked about our trade a bit, he had forgotten a few things. No worries I'll get them later but it brings to mind the need for a record of deals made. so I'm going to start a trade book. Just a note book to keep track of they what's and how many's. I trade with my good friends from time to time but we seem to see each other so infrequently it's easy for us to forget this or that. I also set, or am not opposed to setting dates to complete a trade that may be a few months out. Just cuse it makes buying or securing the trade items easier. Hopefully making everything less stressful over all.

I'm once again thinking about how to get more from my shop. I have shop space but it's still cluttered and not very functional. This year I want to put in my old art table and new lights and more shelves. I'm also thinking about adding a rolling cart/table. two would be ideal. And let's not forget a comfy chair.

I'm near the end here, stick with it, your doing fantastic!
Just a bit more to read..

Project Orks. ( I just can't stay away!)
So, I've decided not to start the Nobs next. No. I am looking forward to those Deff Koptas.
Starting next week deff Koptas! I just want a small brake from infantry sized models for a bit.
After those are done I will get into the Nobs and warbosses. I think I will push on till mid February then I'm taking a brake but only a week at the most. The goal is a picture of all the painted models at that point and a solid handle on what's left so I can get back to it with another plan. I guess a week off is actually a week of cleaning up and getting ready for more!

Well thanks for reading!
Pictures in the Next post!

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