Saturday, 16 November 2013

Weekend project 3.

Nothing fancy on the table this weekend. Just doing Ork vehicle repair and basing the killa kans.
As way of an Ork update let me say I am excited that I might have the Battle wagon built in a way that I like. that kit has quickly become a do or die. The amount of glue and frustration.....
The "Half tracks" are rebuilt as well! and my pile of plasticard has arrived this last week!

A picture or two later.

Sorry for the bad picture. I don't like flash and at this stage the Dred is just black, brown and a little red. just sprayed and dabd on. But it is on a base now. textures later. as well as metallic's.

I really like the way the Battle Wagon is finally coming out!
Just a big ugly gun on tracks and wheels!. Nothing fancy. 
And sufficiently brutal! 

More on Sunday.
Thanks for looking!
Killa Kans and Da' Dred this morning.
I had to let paint dry overnight, between the base coat and the first layer of red applied before the first coat had dried. But more red was added but not as much and the Kans have had their first round of Bolt Gun Metal. 

This manner of painting looks really bad at first. As I start to add the next few colors it will start to clean things up and look more like the final product. I don't like overly clean Orks . All of their equipment should look salvaged. 

Pictures this evening.

Evening Pictures!

Killa Kans! with grotzookas made from a "science lab" kit.

Deff Dred! Klaws from the battle wagon kit.

Plastic sign was used for the hood and roof of the wagon as well as the windshield.
I have more to do but now it is taking shape.

Still thinking about a front mounted cannon.
I am also going to read up on what happens if the vehicle doesn't have a weapon at all.
I think this is where we are stopping.
Thanks for looking!

Battle wagon nearly done!

Ok the hard part is nearly done. I will have to put some paint on it and get it scratched up a little.
Also the kanon still fits on the hood! right between the driver and VC.

Just started planning my next one. Not a 5 ton!

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