Wednesday, 11 March 2009

More RTT pre listing.

Ya I'm ramping up an army list again.. Still.

I have this Idea about haveing as many cheep troop choices as I can and influincing the table for a win..... so How bout an ork list. ?

I want an army so large the other side has fitts. A hard hitting army with a tuff stuff and megalamania aflicted leadership.

At large squads on the supper cheep these guys could do the job just need a list and a plan.

That leaves me to worrie about only 2 more things The TAU and maybe the Eldarzzzz...

Yes Im drooling for a scrap and I don't want even odds. I mean I want odds way in my favor.. But does larger numbers deliver? will my hord deliver? Well the high points their dead hard. and some of um are extra shooty and well Im sure i could go on. My major porblem s lack of points to put those units I want on the board with the ones I need. Lootaz are a want but boyz are a need.

Im as competitive as I can be as much as I can... But cockie cutter isn't me. My list should be mine.
Im thinking 3 Kanz with grotzookaz, 3 zapgunz, 15 lootaz, 15stormboyz, 12 boyz in a truck 20 ard boyz a mekboss, a warboss, shootaboyz, shootaboyz, sluggaz, maybe a lootawagon? and if I can some nobz... Mega nobz. and who knows. but have to run "da" point and see just what I can have.

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