Thursday, 19 March 2009

More strangeness.

So we have been reading all the rumor surrounding the inerworkings of the new guard codex. 2 months and a few days to go. Very excited. I'm bothered though and its a huge concern I have and a very valid one as well. My army being nearly fully painted is still not where I want it. I want a look and feel I just have not got. Let me explain. I am infatuated with the feel of the DKoK..AkA death korps of Krieg and have been moving in that direction. But it just doesn't feel like Iv got it right. Egadz. (sp?) all these cool goodies in a book I don't have but really want and all I can do is think about painting an army I don't have here with me... Wow.

I want to pose a question though on the subject of painting. I got an email that a forum is holding a painting contest but its a shop forum.. I haven't the slightest where the shop is and may never get to go their. so is it wrong of me to "compete" in their contest? let alone win.(can always hope right?)

I'v been lissining to alot of Type O Negative lately. An Manson as well. It's funny how much these bands have grown on me over the years. I remember a time when I really didn't like Manson at all. ...

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