Monday, 2 March 2009

Air Power will be added!

Air power in Apocalypse. Myth or fact.
In the move to 5th edition I have seen the need for a far more balanced list one that encompasses shooting, moving and assault. These elements will be key for a victory.
This is displayed even more in Apoc. A game where the table area is so inconceivably large that whole chunks of an army may never have any positive effect on a game.
To decode the what for's and why's of this game I have given attention to the formations available in the book, whole groups of tanks or dreadnoughts and what ever. 40K is a squad based game, Apoc leans way more to formations. A tank is nice bur 5 tanks working together is better. This sounds simple enough.
It seems to me that in this new age of combined arms adding a 3rd dimension o the battlefield will add to ones success in battle. To gain this I will be adding Valkyries my army to transport guardsmen or stormtroopers to desired locations to eliminate specific objectives, like disruption beacons or shields.
And to be just a pain in the neck to the other side.
Artillery that doesn't move will be toasted and vital objectives Will be ceased.
To further my designs I'm looking forward to adding a few thunderbolts to my collection as well. I see this as a strong way to influence the table top, which has been a problem for me before.
Prior to writing this I had only been thinking about the Thunderbolts and Marauder. I was watching Apocalypse now the other night and boom It hit me. add some air cav!

My new layout might look like this

Bainbaldes 3

Tank company of around 7 tanks

Armored fist Co. around 9+ Chimera+ squads.

Inf company staged around that new supper heavy transport the storm Lord!

Valkyries 3+ set to arrive after turn 1

Thunderbolts and a Marauder destroyer to arrive after turn 1

Add in a few miscellaneous up grades like the line company formation and some strategic assets

I'm sure I'll have a bit more than this.

Any thoughts?

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