Monday, 16 March 2009

RTT in May.

It's time to really put myself to work on a list.

So I guess 2K orkz will be the first one I will work up.

So a Killer list. I want to win every game and I want it to be brutal.

However after reading a Shooting post on the Bell of lost souls I thought I might try and apply the Idea in my own fassion.

The problem is I don't use or even own one mob of Tank bustaz.
So do I even nead them? Hummm.. well see.

Oh and this army won't be fully painted either... I have been adding units over the last year and not paiting them. Silly me.

Well start with my megawarboss. Thug bork. he's about 135 points all said and done.

Next a descission either my big mek or my warp-head.

The mek comes in around 135 as well.

From here things start to get screwie. elites. 15 lootas comes in at 225.

So does 15 butnaz (225)

So from here we will move on to troops. I wasnt shooting in this list so Shoota boys. I have 60 of them so 3 mobs of 20 wll come to 120 points each a nob with power Klawand boss pole another 50 lets say.. so 170 right now each..
Yes I know my points are not correct yet. Im guestimating and Ill round out my list with the real points once its all on "paper"
I know I want 3 Kans for sure to support my shooaz. armed with grotzookaz.

Im thinking about 3 deathkoptaz,(135) and 15 stormboyz.()

This leaves a little left to play with. what I'd like vs what I have and how much I can ge and oaint before the game date.

Back to either troops or elited .. Meganobz. say 5= 200 points. a battlewagon with a zap gun and a deathrolla and 4 big shoota. Thats going to cost me..(160 points after adding a grit riger and armoured plates)

3 zap guns 90 points

Back on troops. Sluggaz 30 180 nob with power Klaw and boss pole=220
Sluggaz 12= 72+ truck=+35 = 107 befor we add anything eltse.
Ok sory but in a buffilo strongbad style big finnish . here we go.
The list so far and correct.
90+20=110+5=115+15=130+20=150+10=160+160= (320)Nobz and battlewagonzap+ 90killa Kanza 60X3= 180Shootaz6X20=120+ 10+5+5+20=160X3 480slugaz w truck107X2= 214+480=694sluggaz180+10+5+25= 220+694=914-30=190lootaz=225deff koptaz45x3=135warphead 85wwarboss60+25+5+5+5+10+15=125
which works out to looking like this.
warboss 125. all tooled out with power Klaw shoota/schorcha loads of gear.
warp head 85.
mega Nobz X4 with battle wagon loaded up. 320
15 lootaz. 225.
shootaz 19+nob loaded up with 2 rockets and such 160 X3
Sluggaz on foot 29+nob made to kick ass and take names. 220
slugaz in truck X2 at 107 Each
Killa Kanz X3 works out to 180 after upgrades and zookaz
3X zap gunz 90.
3X deff Koptaz with rockets 135
So were alomost their Just a little more work to do and it will be ready.
more very soon

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