Thursday, 5 March 2009

too much time on my hands.

Finaly! after weeks or trying Im now reregisered on the GW site! I can feed my hobbie now!
It seems Im going to be wateing a while longer so shop with forge world. I'm thinking about getting several battlewagons for use and extra bitz. I have been thinking also about just how much I will have on my plate. Between the guard and the orks. Its daunting at first. I wish I was able or rather more able to work on my armys from over here. I have the time but not the space. Im half tempted to fill a hard plastic box and send it to myself from home while Im on vacation. I know I will be able to bring back the new codex and Im hopeing I can get at least a little more over here to work on. It's a bit hard to decide just what I can mannage with such a small amount of space. It's tuff to think I will have 6 month till I get home after my vacation.
So much time.

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