Saturday, 14 March 2009

Forum Depression and thats not all

I'm a member of several gaming forums and some are directly associated with a shop.
I use these to keep up with my friends and what have you.
Some time back I was struck with disgust at one forums censorship. They fear a backlash on their shop should some things get back to their clients would be clients or their parents.
OK they have a point I suppose but their apparent behavior in simply banning deleting and in the very real sense banning persons from their shop over rumors ect..
disgusts me. Honestly having been to that particular establishment.... well lets just say I'd be happier elsewhere.

But its not all gloom and doom. I have seen a gaming community rise up over the waves of the Internet to establish their presence. Some of them I know and have known for a while some I've never met or don't remember. (Being a forum based out of and around Jacksonville FL.)

But its good to see that gaming is surviving.

My new Local has only one game shop. The Gamers Guild. Its still a new shop going on its
?second year? But they have a forum and a lively bunch they are. I'm seeing a very positive movement with gaming and forums. Aiding to a much larger gaming venue. Opening opportunities to attend events all over. I know holding a convention is an expensive process and not one that a shop owner would take lightly. Needing a place to hold it and the costs vs the number in attendance and the return.
But hearing about these events on a forum is good. It's free advertising and in a way a non-
Territorial infringing kind of thing.

Jacksonville has at least 4 game shops. From what I have seen it can be a bit cut throat.
I've wondered about going into such a business on many occasions but the more I learn the more I realize I Don't know. Silly I'm sure.
Back on point.. with so many shops it could get very Territorial but The only official game club
I know about in the Jacksonville area frequent all for shops for meetings or events.
On my local forum I see at least 2 other clubs advertising for events as well as attending local events. I'm happy to know so much more is going on in the "war hammer ish" world.

well for now I guess that will bring me to a close.

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