Thursday, 29 July 2010

Work work work! ..war craft jokes..
I have assembled 30 shoota boyz! 6 or 10 more burna boyz and about as many lootaz!
My loot just got in to day! 3 killa kanz a dred and another box of lootaz! Oh and ZagStruck!
So things are coming together again for me. I have some terrain designs I have been playing with and I need to look at some shots from band of brothers to put it all together well.
I have 3 days off so I should get a lot of terrain started this weekend. My "necromunda" styled terrain and some euro village terrain will be my mane focus . Pic's of the orkz this weekend are planed but may not be painted yet. I am looking for airbrush primer ..primer I can air brush on my figs in side so I don't have to fight a loosing battle ..the humidity is killing me. My wolves are ruined. Until I get some way to save them.

Well all for now.

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