Monday, 27 April 2009

WAAAUGH DA 2 weeks off!

So my vacation is wraping up I fly back to work tommorow but it's ok I had some fun and relaxed. I got alot of games in with my Orkz and one game in with my Guard. The Orkz were a blast and only hit 2 stumbling points on a winning tally. (I'll post my thoughts on the Guard later, I'v a good bit to say on them I think..)

I have scrounged up alot of bitz for my Blood Bowl team and done some trading as well. I spent a late night painting my Guard and managed to get 10 conscripts painted. very relaxing.
The Orkz were very tuff and crushed the Nidz, blugened the Necronz, then saturday lost in two games but well not talk much about that just yet. My necrons played vs Necrons and won on turn 5 we continued to turn 7 and again They hels the victory!
The guard faught till a late turn 4 and we called it a draw. But I't was enjoyable none the less.
My friend Andrew had his fath in fairness ground to dirt in that game dew I thing to our decission not to use points. But we both learned alot in that game.

So my last two games put the * on my winning streak... Hummm.
First dispight my disadvantage in points 2.5K vs 3K, My dice just didn't feel it. And I supose neather did I. Their were some High and low points of course but in the end the lesson was" When playing a new player keep the game small" he was far too inexperianced for suck a large game to be meaning ful and I was too full of my self er..My war boss was way to full of him self.
To see this point before the match. The second game falls under the same lines because their were four of us with 2K each playing. I didn't have much fun.
It's a sad thing to see across the board a slavering drooling beaty eyed mad man with a toothy grin wring his nuckls minicingly.. pouting liky a puppy. (That would be me.)
Tricked as I felt. I have enjoyed, in the past putting a big green boot into players who are for the most part some form of marine(force), who see orks and brag about their green skin killing power be it heavy bolters or flamers. And of course seeing my army set to building their best ,kill my army, list. But it wasn't to be that day.

Enough of this sad sack stuff! Da boyz will be back and da ground will shake and da masses will flee or be killtd. Slaughterd under da gunz and choppaz put to da wall and ground to mush!
Run fer yer livez ! Da Orkz are comming back! Da Deff Klock iz Countin' !

WAAAAAAAAAUGH! Da return of da beast!

Admin note, from time to time my inner ork gets out and no spell check will fix its spelling.

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