Friday, 24 April 2009

More Flying goodness and a disaster!

And so dear readers.... Primer and how it makes me mad! Yep my planes have been primed and Sadly my Marauder was the first to be primed with my new full can... and its bummpy and textured. Arg! Ruined! So it will be stripped. But not today. And this is what I feared from the start. I was drooling over the Reaver and my fear of not having enough experiance working with forgeworld models. A fear that proved to be justified with one can of primer.

But if it was easy .......

So BIG game to day not sure how many points were going to play but I'm ready for a full out gaurdtober fest. May use all the guard tonight.

Shout out to 40K raido. You guys ..... wow. some times you get it right and some times well, not so much. But good on ya any way.

Stay tooned. Pic's on the way.

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