Thursday, 23 April 2009

Watch the Sky!

More derangement. So My forge world order arived and it was a bit lite.. they still owe me 2 squads and a Commisar. But I know they will arive sooner or later.

But on to the good stuff.
My air force er.. Navy have arived and Dispite my worries I'm already started building all of them. 2 Thunderbolts 1 Marauder-distroyer ! A hefty pull for this year. With some work they will be seeing their first game on friday. (Unpainted and un primed.?)
I have taken some pictures but its not easy to do, I seem to be working way too fast. Might get some help with that part in the future.
I have to read up on my flyer rules later today. Have to be up on them by friday. Big game, not sure how many points were going to play but I am very excited. I have big hopes that they will be alot of fun. I guess it's time to start my plans for next year..... but what...

well back to my Mek pitt..

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