Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Project done?

Well game fans, I have hit my deadline and am feeling relieved and confused. I am happy that the project is both over and soon to ship. I am also wondering how well received it will be. Will he like it? or love it? As a whole it is a wonderful army full of well painted space wolves and they look good up to 1 and a half feet away.(18") or so. so they look very good at a glance from 3 feet! Thats the point isn't it? I keep truing to do my best work and I know that I have done enough and then some.
The question is what is painting worth. $3, $5, $10 ? So the wolves aren't $10 models but they are way above the others.I think this army will score very well at an RTT and ensure top points for the player, Though it's all subjective. their is still alot more I would love to do but its not my army and he's getting a sweet hart deal. I will miss this army and will remember it fondly with a few pic's and I can't wait to hear about how well it performs in game.

In the morning I will post the last pic's and ship this army back to its home!
More very soon

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