Sunday, 6 June 2010

Some Space Wolve Thoughts.

So I may have mentioned that I recently played the wolves in an RTT a few weeks ago and put up a good fight but sadly came in last! (this is twice now! AKK!) The first game was a nail biter till the end and the second one was a hard fought game as well but sadly by the third game any mojo I had left ran out and that was that.

Oh but were moving on now!
What about a very shooty army? My plan is to mash in 9 land speeders and 3 long fang packs on top of that I am thinking about 10 wolf guard and a land raider as well! I have been giving some thought to using the grate wolf and more wolf guard to help out my grey hunters. I cant help but want either 2 dreadnoughts or 22 packs of wolf scouts as well. I just want it all..... yep.

On the modeling end of things I have been thinking about the grey hunters being older than the wolf guard and that at one time they were wolf guard them selves so why not model and convert them to look the part.

What else is their to say?

Oh ya I posted this one on Cool Mini or not. Enjoy.

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