Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Here we are! last Sunday night I started to paint the new game board.
I was looking at the painted deasert and decided to attempt a bad knock off.
The nice part about this project is that being a game board is dosen't have to match the real thing.
So just running with it, to see where it goes, is ok.
It is a little abstract with all the colors but having seen ..er been to some deserts I like the way it is going.
Nature has few standards when it comes to colors. So diffrent browns and verious other colors work out well.
My large plan at this point is to apply a dirty brown dry brush and a wash ..a dark wash in brown or black..thouth several washes are going to create the over all look we will end with
Here are some pic's to enjoy. This project will also involve making a few rock outcroppings and adding some light plantlife ....very light. I am excited to see this one used.
The last table has been a hit so far, described as a lazy game board...meaning all the terrain is their and you can just play. Not having to set up seems to be a hit. I am wondering how much play life the first board will get before it is no a table looked foward too by gamers..
Time will tell. I seem to have the green light to continue with the tables at the game shop. (Add a link to the guild)

Moving on today and this evening should get my titan project done as well as see my wolves add a few more to their lot!
Painting will begin after my models are assembled. I will have my wolves ready for gameing very soon.

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