Sunday, 20 March 2011

So its sunday night...

And having had a nice weekend with an outing or two just been nice to relax.
my sabbatical from gaming is nearly over. soon my wolves will once again arise to lay waste to the armies of the 40 first millinium ! I have ordered some more bitz.. in the form of box sets.. which will be looted in short order when they arrive! I am excited! the grey knights are out very soon but I am just not feeling it.. I have never liked the Idea of them but I am hopeful that they are a good and maybe balanced codex as I am sure I will be facing the new hotness sooner or later..
But enough doom. I will be wrapping up a few projects and seeing off the opening of my new blog dedicated to terrain and of course making piles of gold... not.. But maybe it will support my unstable gaming needs! and be an enjoyable little business.

Now onward to the cookies!

well just one more "bad pic" to show off this evening ..

I hope you have enjoyed all of the madness this weekend!

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