Saturday, 2 July 2011

Coming Soon!

I have been working on the image that will be the "face" of unclean Studios

I drew this one over lunch one day last month. My coworkers agree I make the same face ...

I spent some time thinking about our future logo.
I like the big teeth and some eyes.
I know its very space orky... But,
 I think the final picture will not cause any "I.P." problems. at least that is my goal.

 And after a while working on the Templars project,
 I found I still had a lot of white paint in my air brush
 and then this came to be!

I had no idea just how badly proportioned the teeth were at the time! or should I say Disproportionate!

This came together very easily. I really like my this painting.  It's still not the final face for the studio but
 Surly a step in the right direction!

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