Thursday, 6 June 2013

B&C ETL challenge the start.

I Uberwolve answer the call of E TENEBRAE LUX and vow to complete [1 bastion,1 Chimera  1 squad of Vets, with Sgt Bastonne 4 commissar  1 trooper Marbo, 6 bombard colossus  and 6 ogryan, Nork Deddog and Iron hand strsken 1 deathstrike  and 5 priest. from Codex Imperial Guard and Imperial Armour 1 version 2 and The Rule book. with a total value 2235.  on or before August 15th. Success will bring eternal glory to The Imperial Guard! and failure will doom me to bear the Badge of Shame until the year-end

Bastion = 75
Vet squad with Bastonne,carapace,vox and 2 flamers = 175
Chimera = 55
6 Ogryn 130+120 =250
Nork Deddog 110
Col. Straken = 95
Trooper Marbo = 65
Priest 4
Priest 1 with eviscerater  = 240
Deathstrike Launcher = 160
commissar with power weapon. = 45
commissar with 2 plasma pistols. = 55
2 commissar standard equipment. = 70
Bombard Colossus Battery of 3 140X3 = 420
Bombard Colossus Battery of 3 140X3 = 420

Some of these units will be repainted for this vow some were started prior to this vow but unfinished. 
​If any of these units are unacceptable They will be removed. 

Now then. First I will post pic's of every thin as it is today, for review and inspection.
Once the final determination of printable models has been established the points can be reset to the correct value. Then Work will begin! 
This is all just a reason for mew to get back to working on my Guard.  I think the few started models would be ok, but the 43 squads of Steel Legionnaire, may be too much to get done and too far along for this challenge. All of the above list are more or less just units I want to get done or have yet to mess with for the most part. well aside from assembling and basing.

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