Saturday, 14 September 2013

The rest of the year.

I find myself planning out the rest of the year. With the first wave of Project Necron coming to a close I have just a few things to wrap up around the shop. Project Templars will also be closed and shipped of we hope.
Leaving some free time to work on my own mini's for a while. I have a Nid project that needs some work and now a Tau project which is thankfully small. My plan is just to take my time on both of those and sell them next year. The Studio is so far meeting my goals it is making hobby money. not a whole lot but enough to start to support itself. With some luck next year will see three armies come in for the following year.
Sort of tanking my way through the dungeon.

Gaming! Last month I managed to get in a game and it's looking like I will be getting one out of town game every month now. Just about according to my larger plan. Their is rumor of a campaign and if they let me in I will make the most of my day "on the town".
Not long ago I may or may not have sworn to rid myself of the Green Skins. As of now I am again trying to making them fit to fight. At this time I just don't know. This was brought on by the "Northern faction" requesting their return for some games. The next Ork codex had better kick a lot of ass. who knows.
And why not!
I may get very derailed if I continue on this direction.

The table is covered with repair work right now. The shop was picked up last night for my weekend of "Me time" Hobby time. I will be casting 60MM bases today and refitting my Killa Kanz this evening. Once that's done, well not too much left to worry with except that crap wagon. Yes, it's true I hate the GW battle wagon. Oh to looks fine and all. but it's the wrong size! way too small and compact.

But we've a waaaaaughrrrrr to make ready for. a "bit of a skrum" awaits us.

More... articles sooner or later and again with pictures.

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