Friday, 22 May 2015

Konstruktion Zone.

I started the Stompa! ( Finally!!!)
He's Big and Red and full of ...Stomp.
But we'll get to him at the end.

Killa Kan
Just wanted to show the yellow.

Lots of war bosses, wip

Just wanted to show the yellow bitz.

Bothe Meks and a Boss 


SAG Mek. ( same one)
Just wanted to show the front of the SAG.

Snik Rot and some Nobs, wip.

Stompa. wip

It's been a struggle to get this far. but we're here.

The reds are starting to work out. For a while there they were looking really off.
I've added a new Red to out pallet of colors. , Actually it an Orange. Game color Hot Orange.
Also reminds me of the old citadel Blood Angels red. Which was like really orange...
This color works out very well over the Bloody Red.

More next week.
Thanks for looking!

1 comment:

  1. Steve,

    The red and yellow pops out great. The stompa body is orky and the rusted spots and feet really make it come together and look ramshackle.