Saturday, 21 November 2015


I took most of the week to do nothing. Working out what I want to do next and starting to clean up my work shop. I found an auction for some more ork units but dropped out of the bidding with a few minuets till it ended. Mostly not interested in spending any money for a little bit.
Some painting progress was made on 3 War trakks and 6 kill saw Mega Nobs. these were started months ago. Started pulling some nobs off of their 25MM bases, they'll end up on 32 MM bases.
There are whispers of two games next month. A friend wants to come down for a game, He's looking at starting TAU. So.. More fish boys to fight! And when the stars align I'll be headed back up "north" for a game against the Raven guard! (30K)
But that's all up in the air for now. 

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