Monday, 30 January 2017

Mayhem in the Age of Sgmar! Second game.

I was thrilled to play my second game of AoS yesterday!
1000 points and it took a long time to play. I think that's on me still learning the rules.
It was a blast!

I still have a lot to learn. 
I'm picking up that deployment is very important and I need to be more mindful of how I set up my army.
I left roughly 340 points of models sitting around in the back. Not exactly by choice but it did happen. mostly due to Mystical terrain keeping 20 spears milling around for 3 turns in a row. (Or was it 4..seems like forever.)
This blocked off my Wurrgrog's movement for a bit. I have to learn how much my characters can take and how much to worry about protecting them. 

The Mannik boar boys were amazing
In my first game I tried for a late right flank action with them but they arrived too late. In this game they went head first right in and behind enemy lines! ZOOM! Smashing into 5 grave guard and dragging in the enemy General!

They quickly gained control of the enemy's home objective and very quickly put me in the lead!

Arrow Boys have no buisness in close combat!
Arrows are better shot that used as hand weapons!
Also, 20 or more arrow boys get a whole extra shot on their weapons profile. That's right. 20 boys is 60 shots! And if that wasn't enough they can also divide their shooting! Nice!

It's a whole new world of wargaming. I lost in the end but I am learning and having a really good time. My friend Emi took the pictures, brought his terrain and played the opposing army. A very nicely painted Skeleton army.
Emi's an amazing painter and all around fiendish opponent!
(Fiendish because he seems to have a little dice mojo going on!)

Thanks for reading!

Da WAAAAGH continues!

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