Tuesday, 20 November 2018

wip. New Ork models November 2018. pictures

Orks are finally out again!
With a few new models.

DeffKilla Wartrike wip.

The model assembled easily, I left a few parts off for easier painting then finished the assembly and painting and there is still room to do more painting when I feel like it later.

Over all I do not like this model and, sadly, only bought this models for it's rules.
This is something I do not usually do and is part of why I don't like this unit. 
It feels like a special character but it doesn't have the 0-1 restrictions on it.
Because it sin't a special character.  I was also disappointed that this model has only one build and how other head for the boss or other weapons options.
It feels like a special character but it isn't and because of that we will see these spammed and that's a little sad.

Squig Buggy. wip.
A weaponized food trukk covered in redneck hillbilly savages....

I was a lot more excited about this one. 
Loads more excited in fact.
It's a jack of all trades kinda vehicle. 
It looks well better than a few of the other new vehicles but...
I didn't really enjoy painting it. 
It has 5 crew models and feels cluttered. I think if I'd had a plan I would have fount it easier to paint and more entertaining.
sadly this felt like work and not play.

I've just been in a mood lately I guess. 

I have no more new Ork vehicles at this time but plan to buy 3 more in the new year.
I had thoughts of a squadron of sorts but will probably not rush into that.
I wanted to get these models I have finished before buying more so I wasn't under a pile of unbuilt or unpainted models.
I've been there and it's not all that fun. lol

I'll post pictures of these again when their bases are sorted out and who knows maybe I'll be happier with them at that point. 

Thanks for looking!

More new projects to come! 

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