Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunday morning upload

Rawr! I'm a wolf lord!

So its the day after, and though I myself did not attend this years ard' boys round 1, my friend calls me late last night with the news that he has taken FIRST place at one in Jacksonville FL.
I am glad to hear the news. And as a reword for him I will post a had full of pic's for him here to day. The very good news is that you all can see them as well!

So this week brings me to all the flesh and hair being either done or very close to done! and I am moving on to some of the "power" weapons. My plans for today include making an other youtube shore and more painting. at some point I will be cough up enough to paint on my own models again.

Started on a droppod last night the interior is very full it has to be one of the more... challenging vehicles to paint. I have yet to paint one befor now...silly , as I have 9 of them primed. (My own.)

Ok on to the Pic' s!

Here are some Wolf Guard!
His guy looks like he is ready to join a rock band!
This one by the ink is one I realy like a lot.
The armour and his face have come out very well.
These two were randomly selected.

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