Friday, 17 June 2011

Ork Update !

And a big thank you to all my viewers you there. I know my "content" is slow to arrive but I hope it is worth coming back to see.
So lets kick things off with some W.I.P. action!
I have had this Dred for months now and have put a few days of work into it.
It's really coming out nicely!

Here's a little walk back into the mostly past! Ork mobz I painted over the years.
I admit I am temped to put more time into them. But for starters I might just add some new lads to the mix. Still have to find the right Bits..

I really like my ork HQ's!
These guys have know what's really going on.

So whats next?
Black Templars and more orks. And with a little luck some terrain.

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