Sunday, 25 March 2012

is the work nearly done!?!?

And the count down is on! But is it truly on?! yes!
 bu what are we counting down for?... well the last few blood claws for one. 6 in the works and 3 more to be built and bam! 30 blood claws! But whats next you ask.
 The armoured fleet for one, Rhinos and Land raiders, and 3 more Thunder wolves as well. and from their... just drop just getting the final bitz done.

But for now heres some pic's

 oh and more on the way.  till next week.

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  1. Warhead, Nice blog. sorry that I've not seen it sooner. Please email me if you are interested in tokens and cards. We sold out, but I have put in another order.

    gentlemanones at g mail dot com etc.