Saturday, 28 September 2013

End of Sep. Mordians progress

Small Mordian picture dump. More to follow here.

Update. In the few days that have past I have been working out my painters block as well as painting. 
I will soon have my mind recharged and the last few Necrons will be done this week.
It came on just after my last conversation with my client.
But some times I need to just stop what I am doing before I make a mess or brake something. I don't know how to translate that to painting but some times a brake does me good. 
This guy. This one and all the others just like him gave me a little trouble.
You see I painted the Jackets before the flesh. This will create a lot of clean up work.
This one however, has a very small area on the other side of his face and little fact to see over all. I really feel like more flesh color got on his jacket then should have.  Clean up will be some work.

Some fun pictures.

So what's left to do?
Bases need paint. weapons need paint. uniform trim needs paint. wash over the flesh tones. small detail work here and their.
Ah, and I am down to about 20 something mini's left to build and paint.
And That's it. well aside from ordering a better officer core. I have found the miniatures that I will be using and with some luck I will have them this year. 

As far as this project goes though I have hit it hard enough over the last few days to feel confident I can have my Guard all done by the time the new Codex is released. 
The best part is that I am actually going to have a painted army again! 

Now back to work for me. I think I have a pile of angry robots in the next room. 
More Necron Pictures and progress updated soon.

This is the third and I hope last addition to this post.

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  1. Really like the wheels on the artillary, it gives it a good, and old fashoined atmosphere :)