Thursday, 17 October 2013

Ork related post, back in krack!

Hello I think I have been gone for a very long time. I was worried I had tried this before but I can't find a thread I may have started. At any rate that would have been a few years ago.

 So let me get started. I hate the GW Battle wagon. Their I said it, it's out in the open. This is just one of the things that I am going to be "fixin' this time around. Like all good stories mine is going to start with the "classic"  So, what had happened was" ... GW was releasing the battle wagon and I was excited. A little too excited and I got 4 of um'.
Only it was weedy and small. and looks like a minivan.. So I chopped up the one I was building and made the front a head for my stomps, like everyone else I would imagine.

I fell way out of love with da orkz. I got sick of the codex rewarding army builds that had basically no orks in it.
Sure I like to win but I would rather have a good fight too.
And I cant very well sell them now. I started my orks in 3rd edition and that was like...what 98 or 99 that that codex was out. I really liked that codex, I will admit that it had issues. some of the mobz in the current codex would have been fantastic in the last codex.
My preferred tactic was walk up behind the wall of kanz. KFF and loads of boyz. I am not much into speed freak lists.

 In 6th so far I have used the orks one time. I wrote a bad list and the game was effectively lost in 3 turns.
 All my fault that it didn't take me longer to loose. Don't take that the wrong way, it isn't derogatory towards the codex. My opponent plays brutal armies and I had a few disadvantages like not enough games of 6th under my belt.
The thing is I just miss my orks. They were a blast to play and were hard to beat. So what am I doing about it now?
A few things. first I am going to change how I play how I build my lists and stop fighting the current. So my plan is biker nobz. not brilliant is it. But I want them to be fairly unique not on paper but built for Style.
 I am also looking at ways to make my army as psychotic as I can and have started to look at blitz bombers as an option. Again not amazing but they could be any of the three builds, I am planning to have at least 4 when I am done. I have a lot of ideas today and I hope I can make them happen.
So this is the end of the first post and pictures will follow very soon. to day or this weekend. I have a lot going on, sort of. I think I will also drop an army list in once I have started to draw up the list of mobz and other units I want to use and cook it down from their. So more very soon.

Among other things today, I have managed to build 3 cybork biker nobz.
 Not very good but I kinda like them. I used ork bikes, storm boys jump packs and nob parts.

Heres a look.

Don't take this as a sign of  being done with my commission work. I am still Cronning it up.
Project Ork is an evening sport.

Came up with a way to build my Kannons! Still working it all out.

And "Da Dok iz IN!
A new spin on da Dok.
Mad Dok Grotsnik gives all or any Ork unit the Cybork body upgrade.
All the best parts of fabious bile and Commissar yarrik. (SP?) 

Spiky back! so no huggz..


Battle wagon tryout.

Half track?


For size comparison 

An open letter to GW.
Dear GW,
Please cut the hands from the Battle wagon design team and blind them as well. 
A concerned ork player.

The problem is scale. It's all wrong.
The Ork truk is fantastic. all sorts of details and it looks like a 5 ton. And good job on that too.
The Battle Wagon on the other hand looks like they wanted to make a semi truck and armour it up.
And then stopped half way through.

The Battle wagon needs to be wider and longer a little taller wouldn't hurt either.

That would set a better scale. The difference in size between a semi truck and a 5 ton.
Or the battle wagon is fine and the truck is too large.
This could also be the case. However, as the truck is the orks basic transport option it seems more realistic that the Battle Wagon is to small. This might be corrected by a track the full length of the Wagon. 
Forge World has a full track sort of truck. I think it's simply called a Big track.
The next time I get to Hobby Lobby I will see if I can find a suitable 1/35 scale tracked vehicle to use.
I would really like to have a battle wagon. That feels right.


  1. Really like all your conversions on your Orks, I was thinking of looting a monoilith and turn that into my Warbosses personal battlewagon :)

    1. Sounds good, I've seen that done a long time ago. Can't go wrong with the right kits!

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